Pricing Analysis for Luxury Products

We analyze the cost of products and services from different companies so you can determine what’s worth spending more money on.

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Welcome to doTricks, your guide to getting the most for your money. With prices rising across the board, it’s harder than ever to know where to allocate your budget. That’s where we come in.

At doTricks, our team of independent analysts provides in-depth reviews and comparisons on thousands of products, retailers, restaurants, and services. We do the research so you can make informed decisions on what’s worth a splurge and what’s not. Don’t waste your hard-earned cash on overpriced items – let us be your trusty advisors. With category-by-category data and expert recommendations, doTricks gives you the insider knowledge you need to spend wisely.



Get the scoop on whether the latest gadgets, appliances and household items are worth the price tag.



Discover if your favorite retailers, restaurants and entertainment spots offer the best bang for your buck.



Learn which service providers, from cable companies to phone carriers, provide the top value for the cost.

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